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Dull Knife Battlefield

Historical Tours

The Dull Knife Battle took place in the winter of 1876.  Nestled in the Red Fork valley was the winter camp of a group of Northern Cheyenne lead by Chief Dull Knife and Chief Little Wolf.  Colonel Ranald MacKenzie led 1100 men into this valley and attacked the camp at dawn on November 25, 1876.  Many of these warriors had been at the Battle of the Little Big Horn which took place June 25, 1876.
   Cost of the tour is $90 per person.  This includes lunch and a descriptive, detailed account of the battle by Cheri Graves.  Descendents of Chief Dull Knife and other Northern Cheyenne have come here and we will learn what happened to their people through stories that have been handed down for generations.  We will see where the village was located and then drive to where we begin our hike to the "East Gap".  This is where the troops entered the valley.  It is a fairly short hike but we do cross some steep draws.  Our lunch will be enjoyed near the creek under the shade trees.  Then we will cross the creek and travel across the battlefield with several stops along the way.  We will end up at the "Big Red Draw" where the Indian women and children were hiding.  From there we can view their escape route.
   Please call 307-738-2247 for tour dates.  Click on this link to view our tour letter and registration form *Letter/Registration