Registered Red Angus Cattle

Bulls and Heifers for sale at private treaty

 This herd was started in 1961 by Cheri's folks, Roland and Beverly Landrey.  It was the third Red Angus herd to start in the state of Wyoming.  We purchased the herd in 1985 and brought it to the Red Wall Country northwest of Kaycee, WY.  Our feminine, mature cows fit the rugged mountain terrain (8000+ ft.) on the southern end of the Big Horn mountains and perform well there.  They have to be easy fleshing, sound, hardy, and efficient to survive.  They also need to have good feet and legs to deal with the rugged terrain and the long distances they have to walk over rocky ground.  Red Fork cows have to make it on their own, and when we send them out of here they do extremely well.  These traits are born and bred into their calves.  We will be selling various groups of cows and bulls private treaty.  We live a little off the beaten path, but would welcome a visit any time.  We always enjoy showing you our Red Angus cows and the scenic country they run in.

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